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No Korean ECHOMARKETING / French speaker Internship

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Created Date 20-04-06 18:20
Due Date 2020-07-31 | Rolling Base   OVERDUE


The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

- This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
- All work in the relevant language can be done in "English".
- Korean ability is preferred, not mandatory

- The company has conducted more than three campaign with the Hirediversity Team
- The company would like to hire French speakers.

- There is no disadvantage in re-apply (Applicants who applied last year can also be re-apply)

- 2,100,000 KRW Per Month

About Company

It is one of the best marketing companies in Korea.

More than 40 million won for new entry

The highest annual salary for the third year is 148 million won

Annual sales over 180 billion won

It is a company recommended by the Hirediversity Team in the field of marketing.


Job Description

Overall digital marketing
-Advertising planning
-Report creation
-Media advertisement setting and operation
-Market research


Work Condition

Mon~Fri 10:00 ~ 19:00


How to apply  
Apply through the site :


Insufficient documentation will not be treated. 






The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.


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