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Created Date 20-05-19 17:54
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JOB DESCRIPTION - Internship Opportunity


Petra Capital Management is offering a 3-month internship opportunity for a highly-motivated college student who will assist a growing team of investment professionals with an outstanding track record of success in Korea and a network of investors around the world. The Internship will be based in Seoul, Korea and provided with an opportunity to research Korean private/public companies as well as global companies from a buy-side perspective.


Responsibilities will include:

1        Conduct in-depth company and industry research

2        Build and use financial models for financial valuation, discounted cash flow and multiples based

3        Prepare written materials to support investment theses


Candidate must possess the following background and skill sets:

1        Attendance at top-tier academic institutions

2        Ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines

3        Willingness to work long hours and be a team player

4        Excellent quantitative and analytical skills

5        High motivation, great attitude and attention to detail

6        Excellent verbal and written communication skills

7        Proficiency in English is required


Petra Capital Management is a licensed investment management company registered with the Financial Services Commission of Korea.


Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to For more information: 

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