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Communication Mathpresso / Thai Operation Manager < ASAP >

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Created Date 20-03-09 15:22
Due Date 2020-03-28 | Rolling Base   OVERDUE


The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

- This position can be applied regardless of nationality (But Thai speaker only).
- All work in the relevant language can be done in "English" and "Thai". (but Korean skill preferred)
- The company would like to hire Thai speakers.
- It has chance to convert to full-time employee.

- For the data analysis part, can learn while working

- Applicant must be living in korea

[Job Description] Mathpresso Thai Operation Manager


Company introduction
Mathpresso completely transforms the way students study.

Mathpresso operates under the vision to provide equal educational opportunities to every student with AI technology.

We are currently running the No.1 education app called "QandA" (Q AND A), where students can find solutions and relevant questions to various problems by simply taking a photo of those questions with their smartphones.

We aim at becoming the No.1 global education platform that covers all facets of students' study in near future.


In 2018, Mathpresso attracted $6 million in Series A funding led by Softbank Ventures Asia and Samsung Venture Investment.

We won the AWS AI Startup Challenge Award and was selected as one of the most excellent self-development applications by Google Play in 2018.

Moreover, we presented as the keynote speaker at Google AI for Social Good Summit as the top player in the education sector who actually 'changes the world' with AI technology.

In 2019, Mathpresso launched our service in Japan and ranked No.1 in the education trending chart within 3 months.

We have launched our service in South-east Asia and ranking No.1 in Singapore in July 2019, Vietnam in October 2019.

With this achievement, we raised $14.5 million from top global VCs in July 2019.

We are confident that this experience can be duplicated and applied to other countries with the insight and technology.

We are confident that we would be the No.1 global education platform that changes students' lives.

Taking this momentum, we are seeking to expand our team by recruiting stunning people from various background.

Are you interested in becoming a part of this rocket?


Key Roles
• Monitor key figures in the platform and content of users
• Create in-app content suitable for academic schedules and user situations in Thailand
• Answering and resolving inquiries from users through various channels: Passing to the product team to contribute to quality of service and customer experience improvements.
• Translation from Korean to Thai, Thai to Korean (if you are not comfortable with Korean, you may translate from English to Thai)
• Communication with Thai local partners

• Must be native Thai residing in Korea
• Have a strong sense of responsibility as this job requires managing an app with a growing number of users
• A deep understanding upon Thai education system (any tutoring experiences is preferred)
• Data analysis ability using SQL (Bigquery, Mysql, Redshift, etc.)
• Experiences in education / IT / operation
• Experiences in working in startups, with fast changing environments

Start date : ASAP

Working Details
• Salary is negotiable depending on your working experiences.
• Able to work part-time / For an intern position, able to extend 3-month(period is negotiable) intern period or convert temporary position to full-time employee

Resume screening → 1st interview → 2nd interview → Compensation negotiation → Joining the company

How to apply

Email heading

Mathpresso / Your name/ Visa type

Required Documents.

1. English Resume 

Applicants who do not conform to the title format&required documents are deemed not to apply


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