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Created Date 19-11-11 16:31
Due Date 2019-11-20   OVERDUE



"DIOR" stands for "Drama Insight Overseas Research" is about finding insights of current Korean Dramas and developing new Korean dramas from exchange students living in Korea.




l Exchange students from UK, Germany and France

l People interested in Korean dramas

l Passionate and creative individuals interested in the content creation industry




Main Activities


l Survey on main reasons why foreign K-drama viewers prefer certain dramas (style, genre, subject, story, etc.)

l Planning/developing a Korean drama that would be popular overseas

l Surveying local trends by country

l Participating in weekly meetings (TBD)






l 600,000 won per month

l Certificate of participation in the project




Recruitment period and How to Apply

l Application period: 19. 11. 8 ~ 11. 20 24:00

l 1st round selection announcement: 2019. 11.22

l 2nd round interview: Individual Notification

l Applications accepted by email

- Self-introduction that includes why you love Korean dramas


l Send applications to:


Length of Project

l December 2019- February 2020 (3 months)



Things to note

l The above statements may be subject to change

l Questions:


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