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No Korean CVA / Research Assistant / French speaker

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Created Date 19-10-02 12:16
Due Date 2019-10-31 | Rolling Base   OVERDUE


The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

- This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
- All work in the relevant language can be done in "English".
- Korean ability is preferred, not mandatory
- The company would like to hire French speakers.

- An important criterion for hiring
1. Applicant shall possible to research in French
2. Applicant shall make report in English (not required for translation level)
3. Applicant shall possible to communicate and write ppt in English.








If interested in a career with CVA, please forward your English resume to:



The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.


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