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No Korean Hebronstar/ RA / Chinese speaker/ Japanese speaker / (Open until filled)

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Created Date 19-04-15 11:34
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The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

1. This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
2. All work-related communications are conducted in English.

3. Korean is not required. 

4. Prefer MBA degree

5. The company would like to hire Chinese speakers or Japanese speakers.




We are looking for Consultants!

You are the star of the Hebronstar!

As the premier strategy consulting firm based in South Korea, Hebronstar focuses on innovation that drives growth, increases profitability, and sets new market-leadership standards for prominent companies around the world.

As of 2019, Hebronstar Strategy Consultants now operates in 7 regional offices across 5 countries consisting of South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Philippines and is working in close connection with 30 regional Hebronstar Alliance offices across 20 countries including USA, Italy, China, Japan, Israel, Brazil, India, Peru and Taiwan to deliver exceptional results in cross-border projects.
10 years have passed since our inception in 2009 where we have envisioned becoming Asia's representative consulting firm and throughout our short expedition to date, we have enjoyed bringing forth tailored solutions to various business problems of over 500 clients.
Hebronstar facilitates our clients to strategically plan for their future, pave the way to enter the global market and to build their internal capacity to realize sustainable growth.

We envision becoming Asia's representative consulting firm.
However, we do not wish to rest in comfort zones in Asia but to expand to every corner in the world where business problems exist.



Share Your Future

If you're looking for an unlimited opportunity to impact clients, Hebronstar is the place to be. You'll work with consulting teams from around the world and get the chance to develop expertise in a wide range of business areas. You'll have the freedom to decide what kinds of business problems intrigue you the most, and you’ll shape your career path accordingly. This freedom, in fact, is integral to Hebronstar’s success: We make a difference because you make a difference. No wonder our consultants say that Hebronstar provides the ultimate growing experience and why we consistently rank as an employer of choice!


Job Description

◇ Intern 

Chinese speaker 1

Japanese speaker 1 


◇ What you will do :


-As a Consultant in theProfessional Services Organization "Hebronstar", you will contribute to the constructing strategy while gaining valuable experience for your future career.


- You will conduct qualitative research (primary & desk research) in order to gather information

- Under the management of senior management, You will use business sense and consulting methodology to clearly understand the client's proposal requirements and conduct mutual consultation and project management; develop optimal solutions for each function and industry including strategic business model.




- College degree candidate or above.

- Comprehensive computer skills including database searching, MS PowerPoint, Word processing and Excel skills.

- Proficient in English (both oral and written).

- Previous part-time or internship experience in research or consulting industries is preferred.

- Ability to multi-task and work to tight deadlines.

- Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.


[Important Notice]

-       The case interview will be individually notified to successful applicants.

-       Any documents which you submit will not be returned

-       If the applied information is found to be false, the offer might be canceled


How to apply




Email heading

hebronstar / Your name/ Chinese speaker or Japanese speaker


Required Documents.

1. English Resume

Applicants who do not conform to the title format&required documents are deemed not to apply



The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.

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