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Club SK music / Machine Learning Engineer intern / Rolling base (Open until filled)

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Created Date 19-04-11 20:48
Due Date Occasion Employment


The Hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:

- This position can be applied regardless of nationality.
- All work in the relevant language can be done in "English".
- Korean ability is
not necessary."0" korean skill needed.





About the Company


We are creating a new music service FLO, a new era in which fans and artists are more in touch with each other.
Over the past year, SK's ICT affiliates have gathered together to prepare for the service.

The company going to change the world with colleagues who have various talents and experiences.
The company hope you like music and performances. Already, people who have various tastes from idol to jazz and classical are making service and business together.

Dream Earth Company wait for colleagues to work with.


Job Description

Machine Learning Engineer (Intern)


The main task

- Development of Music Recommender Systems using FLO data

- Development of Collaborative Filtering Model and Content-based Filtering Model

Apply state-of-the-art studies to FLO services



- Masters / Doctorate in Machine Learning related subject (Possible to candidate)

- Someone who interested in Industry as well as Research



- Those who have conducted research on Recommender Systems

- Music Information Retrieval (MIR) experience


How to apply


Title format 

SKMusic / Your name/Visa type


Required Documents.

1. English Resume

2. Cover letter (Optional)

Applicants who do not conform to the title format&required documents are deemed not to apply




The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.

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