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No Korean MakinaRocks /Internship - Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Research Engineer/ on call employment

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Created Date 19-04-05 16:28
Due Date 2020-06-22   OVERDUE


The hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:
1. All work in the relevant language can be done in "English"(Above Fluent level).
2. Korean ability is
 not necessary.





About the Company

MakinaRocks is on a mission to provide
measurable improvements
in high complexity manufacturing with the
innovative design and implementation of
machine intelligence.


Job Description

- Data Scientist
- Machine Learning Research Engineer


At MakinaRocks, we are looking for computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and engineers. Our interdisciplinary team is closely associated and works together to tackle unique data challenges that our clients are facing.



Skills / Qualifications
- Holders of computer engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics or other related majors
- Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Knowledge of Statistics
- Basic knowledge of data structures, algorithms, etc.
- Programming languages including Python
- Excellent communication and teamwork



How to apply


Title format 

MakinaRocks / Your name/ Internship / Visa type


Required Documents.

1. English Resume

2. Cover letter (optional)


- Document Review> Technical Interview> Fit Interview.


Applicants who do not conform to the title format&required documents are deemed not to apply


Hire Diversity Resume and Cover Letter Templates (Optional)




The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.


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