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No Korean BEIGIC International / Marketing, Global Sales, Operation Internship / Rolling Base

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Created Date 19-03-28 12:34
Due Date 2019-10-06   OVERDUE


The hirediversity team contacted the company and confirmed the following:
1. All work in the relevant language can be done in "English".
2. You do not need Korean ability to do business,

    but It would be better to have entry lever Korean for company life.
3. Rolling base



About the company


BEIGIC is inspired by the color beige as we feel it is the color that represents the daily little pleasures.

Like the soul warming morning sun rays outside the window, or like the relaxing smell of freshly roasted coffee beans…

We pour into BEIGIC all of our thoughts, hoping that BEIGIC moments would be the little happiness in your daily routines.

We believe that daily skincare routines should be enjoyable and therapeutic.

Because that is a rare moment in your hectic day when you can spend quality time with yourself.

We simply want you to feel relaxed and recharged.

With our soothing scents, sensorial textures and the pure, translucent packaging,

we are devoted to add little indulgence and pleasure to your everyday skincare rituals

- the little BEIGIC TOUCH that completes your skincare rituals, your mood and your day.


Job description

2019 internship (new recruitment conversion type)

In order to accelerate the overseas expansion of BEIGIC in 2019 and to launch new brands,

we recruit the following interns.

(Up to 9 people)


1. International Marketing

2. Global Sales

3. Operation


MORST's internship in the first half of 2019 is open to International Marketing,

Global Sales and Operation and each department can gain systematic working experience.


Interns will spend 3-6 months as a member of the team to carry out the actual project,

achieve clear goals, and receive feedback on performance during that period.


Once you have completed your internship,

you will have the opportunity to be hired as a full-time worker in that department.


The internship at MOST Co., Ltd. is the best preparation course for you to understand the global beauty market.


- Collaboration with staff as a member of the brand / sales team of MOST


- Practical work experience through independent project implementation


- Experience developing new brands as global brands


- Mentoring and coaching from beauty experts


Working Conditions
- Working period: April 2019 ~ (Working time and starting date can be negotiated)
- Work place: Most HQ (45th street, Dosan Street, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)


How to apply


Title format 

Beigic / position(International Marketing or Global Sales or Operation )/Your name/ Visa type


Required Documents.

1. English Resume

2. Cover letter


Applicants who do not conform to the title format&required documents are deemed not to apply


The job information may change at any time, depending on the circumstances of the company. Hirediversity shall not be held responsible for the job information.


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