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Created Date 21-04-14 20:08
Due Date 2021-04-30   OVERDUE


Research Analyst Intern Recruitment

Ace I&M Consulting, based in Seoul, is a global investment, business development, sales and marketing boutique firm, currently engaged in providing an innovative strategic business planning and development, sales and marketing services to a unique first-to-market, globally leading IoT/SCM solution provider with a proven implementation track record to Samsung Electronics, HP, Amore Pacific, L’Oréal and many other Fortune 500 companies.  Together with this innovative firm, we are engaging top-tier Fortune 500 manufacturing organizations including Daimler Benz, Dyson, GM, Unilever to name a few. We are looking for a passionate, intelligent, innovative strategic planning & research analyst business student/graduate that would like to learn how to engage and personally execute strategic planning execution and due diligence at the global scale.

We are currently in the midst of developing/closing series A investment round. We are currently in the DD phase with renowned VC firms.  We are in need of self-starting independent business student intern with the capacity to learn and enjoy working at a small boutique firm which will offer an extremely hands-on, in-depth work experience, often unavailable at large firms.  


1.  Recruiting Area (모집부문), Research Analyst (2명)

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • HR / Back-office support to include recruiting global talents
  • Investment DD support


2.  Job Description (직무설명)

  • Market Research, Analysis
  • Series A Investment Round Due Diligence
  • IR Deck and Related Material Development and Refinement
  • Financial Controller and Valuation Modeling
  • Strategic Business & Marketing Plan Development & Execution
  • Support the Business Development
  • Talent Recruitment


3.  Requirements (자격요건)

  • Students on Leave(휴학생), International Students(유학생), Soon to be Graduates(졸업예정자), Graduates(졸업생)
  • Winter/Spring Intern position for more than 3 months (3개월 이상 근속근무 가능자)
  • Finance Background
  • Able to travel internationally
  • English Fluency is a MUST
  • Proficient in Office and PPT 


4.  Preferential Hiring Possibilities (지원시 우대사항)

  • Consulting/Planning/Marketing Aspiring Business Students
  • Finance/Business Major Experience Background
  • Global Minded Attitude and Fast Learners and Willing to Learn


5.  Hiring Conditions (근무조건)

  • Duration:  3 Months Minimum (근무기간: 채용시부터 최소 3~6 개월)
  • Work Hours (근무시간): 09:00~18:00 (주 5일).  
  • Location: Jongno Tower, 51 Jongrogu, Seoul (서울시 종로구, 종로 51 (종로타워 19층)
  • Monthly Salary:  2.0 Million Won per month

6. 지원 기간

  • 9 ~ 16 April, 2021 (2021년 4월 9일 ~ 16일)
  • Interview will be scheduled first-come-first-serve basis (접수 순서대로 진행)


7.  Hiring Process (전형절차)

  • Resume Review (1차 서류심사 – First Come First Serve)
  • Interview will be scheduled first-come-first-serve basis (접수 순서대로 진행), and may be closed before the closing of this (지원기간)offering period.




8.  Applying Process (지원방법)

  • E-mail Only:
  • Submit (제출서류): ① English Resume and self intro letter is optional  (영문 이력서 및 자기소개서 is optional)
  • File and mail subject name (파일 및 메일 제목): Intern_name_univ (성명_학교)



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