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Where should Hirediversity devote resources?

About Hirediversity

About Hirediversity

We aggregate.

There are dozens of job sites in Korea. Don’t waste your time!

Just by having a conversation with us on the kind of job you are looking for, we will find the best fit recommendations for you across these sites.

Moreover, your constant feedback will make these recommendations more accurate.

With our help, you will significantly reduce the time spent looking for a job and free yourself for other things like exploring Korea!


We translate.

Korean companies post job announcements mostly in Korean only due to stringent government regulations that subject job postings to strong legal protection.

The Hire Diversity Team can translate the job postings for you from Korean to English, or other supported languages (i.e. Thai, Tagalog/Filipino, more to come).

Simply tell us which language you’re more comfortable with!


We verify.

Company culture, working environment, salary ranges, etc. are all key information in making decisions as a job seeker.

We will be able to source and share these information with you through our local network in South Korea once you ask for a Reputation Report.

You may also opt to leave a review of companies you know of and help the Hire Diversity community!


Why Diversity?

Research shows that companies which foster a diverse workforce achieves better results.

In recent years, Korean companies are opening its doors to foreign talent in order to harness ideas and skills from varied backgrounds.



Hire Diversity Network

The team is part of the Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) – ranked as the top MBA school in South Korea according to the Financial Times.

By extension, the team is also within the Korean MBA Society (KMS) network. Hire Diversity is positioned to bridge gaps between high profile employers and qualified job seekers.

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