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Created Date 19-03-06 23:15


During the last semester of my MBA in Sungkyunkwan University (SKK GSB), I found a job opening fully written in English. The role was fitting as I wanted to work on a launch marketing campaign, and ProBit Exchange was doing just that late last year. However, given that it is a startup yet to launch, there was no information about the company available online at that time.


When I shared my concerns about the authenticity of the job offer, the Hire Diversity founder helped me look into the background of the company. And he did not stop at that even after assuring the reputation of the C-managers. He also made sure that I was given a fair salary offer - one that was not below Korean job market standard.


Although I found the job opening on my own, I was fortunate to have received guidance from Hire Diversity. As a foreigner, it is very challenging to do background checks on local companies and ensure that I am given a fair deal. Thanks to the company reputation and industry salary average information from Hire Diversity, I was able to confidently go through the application and contract signing with no worries.


While you may be excited to have found a job online, don't skip on further research! It only takes 5 minutes to ask and not go through 9 hours of regret everyday after signing an unfair contract.


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