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OPEN Office Hour !!

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Created Date 20-07-01 17:23




Hello my friend.

Hirediversity created "Open office hour" to communicate more with you.

From now on, every first Friday of the month, we will open the office and allow anyone to come and talk with Hirediversity team.

Any kind of opinion and question is super welcomed !!
And also legal experts will always participate in the "Open Office Hour".
You can also ask questions about Visa and labor law.

We want to hear a lot from you to provide better service.
Come together and share delicious coffee, beer and food!!
All expenses are to be spent by the Hirediversity team, so come in comfort.

Your opinion is matter
Hirediversity Team

* For security reasons, people who have not applied in advance cannot enter.
If you apply through the survey below, we will email you a security code that you can enter.
Then see you soon my friend !

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