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  1. Q

    JD is in Korean, can foreigners apply?




    All the JDs in Hirediversity are all confirmed by the Team that foreigners are available.


    Korean companies do not even issue JD in English,

    even if their job is completely communicated in English and they do not need any Korean skills at all.

    The reason is related to legal and Korean culture.

    Content written in JD has a certain legal effect, and the meaning of it is often ambiguous when written in English.

    And some terms related to recruitment are difficult to translate into English.


    All JD in HIrediversity is available to foreigners.


    Apply with confidence, my friend !!

  2. Q

    What is "Hirediversity Club"? What is good for?


    It's a company that has direct contact with Hirediversity Team.

    The Hirediversity team has the following advantages because we directly contact the recruiter.

    1. If you are employed, legal support is available.

    2. The Hirediversity team can answer questions about the company.

    3. Sometimes, the company of "Hivediversity Club" hires foreigners only at HIrediversity site.




  3. Q

    What does "0명" mean in a JD?


    It's a unique term in Korea.


    It means, they want to hire up to nine people.


    "00명" means, they want to hire up to 99 people.


    I did not know what this meant at first also lol. 



  4. Q

    What is "자기소개서"? And how to write it?


    A personal statement(자기소개서) is a unique document required by a Korean company.


    It 's like a cover letter, but it' s not exactly the same.

    This is not just about your ability to relate to the job, there are many parts that express "you".

    For example, It is kind like "How you overcome difficulties" and "what your interests are".


    If you write like a cover letter, it is often have a chance to be a bad personal statement(자기소개서)

    I recommend you to have a review with a Korean friend after writing.

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