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Full-time Job

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Created Date 21-05-25 11:27
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Syntegrate is a consultancy specializing in the application of computer-based technology in the building industry. We utilise software tools in the area of Building Information Modelling and Management to provide specialist services that assist in the master-planning, architectural design, project management, construction, and operations of our built environment. Therefore, our clients include owners, developers, urban planners, architects and engineers, project management companies, general contractors, trade subcontractors, architectural fabricators, and building operators.

We are trying to recruit project consultants. Applicants should have interest in “design and construction IT” and/or BIM. It is preferable that if applicant have the ability to understand the design and construction processes. Project consultants should work with diverse project teams providing design and construction IT consultancy such as BIM in the AEC field. In addition, consultants need to the support of staff abroad in places such as Hong Kong, China and others and this may require spending appropriate periods of time the places.



Strong interest in design and construction IT technology (e.g. BIM)

Degree or above in Architecture / Engineering / Construction Management

Written and verbal proficiency in English

Understanding of design and/or construction processes



Experience in design and/or construction projects

Knowledge and/or experience with design and construction IT technology

Ability to effectively work in an interdisciplinary team environment

Programming and scripting abilities

BIM platform capability (e.g. Revit, CATIA, Rhino, and so on)



Provision of design and construction IT consultancy services to clients including management assistance, information model production, research and analysis, data production, coordination and any other services for delivering benefits in projects.

Performing other duties as the Company or your supervisor shall from time to time assign


Please send CV with available date to or

For further information about us or job, please visit our web-site ( and/or email us.


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