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No Korean TRIDGE / Global Market Analyst

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Created Date 21-04-23 19:07
Due Date 2021-05-31 | Rolling Base


Using state-of-the-art technology and our extensive in-house global human network, Tridge penetrates into the core of the $2 trillion global market in the Food and Agriculture industry. As a leading global B2B platform, our goal is to solve information asymmetry, a common challenge in the Trade Industry, and therefore achieve market equilibrium. We dare to imagine becoming the “Google” of international trade, where everyone will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of global trade.


“Tridge” is an abbreviation for “Transaction Bridge,” which stems from our mission to “bridge the gap” in today’s trade industry. The path to achieving such a goal is extremely tough and complex, yet so rewarding in many aspects. As we expand our service and increase responsibilities, we welcome great additions to our Product Team. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals who are up to such commitment and willing to achieve this goal with us.


We expect our team members to be enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and ready for any challenges ahead. It's essential for every member of the team to have ownership of their work as well as the ability to balance efficiency and effectiveness. As challenging as the journey may be, Tridge prides itself on being able to provide the best and most flexible working environment for our talents.


Global Market Analyst (HQ) will be part of the Global Market Intelligence team within the Global Growth & Operations Division. Analysts will work closely with internal teams and Tridge’s global managers around the globe (40+ countries). Tridge is currently providing the most comprehensive and dynamic Market Intelligence service in the global agriculture sector, and as a Market Analyst, your daily works will involve a wide spectrum of work from developing & strengthening our Market Intelligence contents to planning and implementing new intelligence features.



- Analyze the reasons and connect the dots behind notable changes occurring in the global agriculture sector, such as dramatic changes in agricultural commodity prices, production level, export & import volume.
- Generate new insights around industry-related topics, interview relevant parties and write in-depth articles on a daily basis.
- Breaking down specific agricultural product market landscape in order to develop a thorough market report (eg. 2020 Avocado Report). 
- Cooperate with the Global Operations team to identify new business opportunities by analyzing the recent price trends, trade data, market trends of Agricultural & Food commodities for Tridge to execute arbitrage opportunities.
- Cooperate with Data Application & Marketing Teams in executing SEO strategy and various online marketing strategies to promote our Intelligence services to global buyers and suppliers.
- Plan and develop how to strengthen Tridge’s Intelligence quality by executing expert interviews, participating in virtual trade shows or agriculture related global forums.
- Execute regular Enterprise Client facings to upsell our intelligence service, identify the pain points, provide a solution, and receive feedback regarding room for improvement of our intelligence service.


Minimum Qualifications:

- BS Degree or higher in top global universities
- 1~5 years of experience in any relevant field including Market Intelligence, Strategic Consulting, Agriculture, Trading, Finance, Sales (Research Analyst or Analyst preferred)
- Native or excellent verbal and written communication skills (English, Korean)
- Active and eager to grow fast with a “roll up your sleeves” mentality
- Presentation and client communication skills are essential
- Excellent skills in analytical research and persuasive client-facing skills
- Open to new ideas, and comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback|
- Comfortable with engaging in multiple projects and meeting tight deadlines
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office (experience with Google Suite, Slack, and other social media platforms preferred)



A Peek Into the Backbones of Tridge:

- Data-driven intelligence: Managing more than 10 billion market price points and 100 billion Export data points. Providing smart market analysis of these data points so that users don’t drown in the numbers.

- Global expansion: Planning to increase the current 150 staff members across 50+ countries to 350 and develop an in-house HR management solution

- AI-backed operation: Auto-selection process to detect meaningful contents and systematically tag attributes. Use of statistical machine learning to tap into the expansive pool of related market information and product database.

- Trusted online reputation: High traffic inflow of Multinational Corporations, Global Consulting Agencies, prestigious universities, and a million other top-tier businesses through Google search engine optimization.

- Cultural diversity: Working with smart, unique, and goal driven individuals from diverse backgrounds to quickly adapt to the fast evolving nature of the field and implement a horizontal corporate culture.

- Trade digitalization: Pioneers of the Global B2B Trade Market Digitalization

Benefits & Perks:

- Aggressive compensation package (promotion and salary), well above the industry average that overshadows other employee welfare benefits: Regardless of age/year, annual salary increase and promotion opportunities are provided twice a year (June, December) based on performance evaluation.
- Unlimited snacks and drinks: sweets, premium coffee beans (high-end coffee makers provided)
- Free dinner during overtime hours
- Support work related conference & education
- Support annual health checkups
- Spacious and pleasant working environment, Staff lounge equipped with sofa, bed, and massage chair for comfort
- Beautiful Roof Garden and Basketball Court (with Corporate Teams & Leagues!)
- 40% discount when shopping at Youpick (Tridge's B2C online store)
- Special payment for birthday
- Special gift for Holiday
- Employee referral program: 1 million won reward
- Full set of the latest equipment and up-to-date software provided

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