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Using state-of-the-art technology and our extensive in-house global human network, Tridge penetrates into the core of the $2 trillion global market in the Food and Agriculture industry. As a leading global B2B platform, our goal is to solve information asymmetry, a common challenge in the Trade Industry, and therefore achieve market equilibrium. We dare to imagine becoming the “Google” of international trade, where everyone will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of global trade.

“Tridge” is an abbreviation for “Transaction Bridge,” which stems from our mission to “bridge the gap” in today’s trade industry. The path to achieving such a goal is extremely tough and complex, yet so rewarding in many aspects. As we expand our service and increase responsibilities, we welcome great additions to our Product Team. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals who are up to such commitment and willing to achieve this goal with us.

We expect our team members to be enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and ready for any challenges ahead. It's essential for every member of the team to have ownership of their work as well as the ability to balance efficiency and effectiveness. As challenging as the journey may be, Tridge prides itself on being able to provide the best and most flexible working environment for our talents.


Product managers at Tridge mean working as the CEO of our product. You are expected to cover the full scope of our services from establishing product-relevant strategies to taking ownership of customer success. In order to accomplish this, collaborative work across teams, management of fine-grained distribution of tasks, and inter-team communication on a daily basis is required. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to not only to solve existing issues but also to identify and define new problems.



- Partnering with the leadership, you will create a product roadmap and establish product strategies aligned with Tridge's core business strategies.
- Consistently monitoring the customer satisfaction of your product, you will optimize user experience (UX) and boost sales. Furthermore, you will lead the ideation and proposal for new product initiatives.
- You will schedule tasks based on the company's priorities and manage available resources to accomplish the rapid and stable delivery of new features.
- As an active communicator, you will foster collaboration of the colleagues across different teams.
- You will set up concrete and achievable key performance indicators for each different field including user acquisition and retention, sales, customer satisfaction and come up with ways to achieve the goals.
- Other than these, you will tackle a variety of unexpected challenges!


Minimum Qualifications:

- Logical & outside-the-box thinkers who demonstrate the ability for “problem abstraction”
- Ability to take initiatives in a fast-paced environment
- Detail-oriented & has exceptionally high standards of product quality
- Focused on user experience and sales
- Approach method focused on“How” rather than “What” in any given situation
- Fluent in English communication
- 2+years of experience

Preferred Qualifications:
- Prior work experience as a Project Manager in the field of software development, especially in information services or at other platforms
- Programming or design background
- Experience working in a startup of less than 20 people
- Excellent intuition for good UX


A Peek Into the Backbones of Tridge:

- Data-driven intelligence: Managing more than 10 billion market price points and 100 billion Export data points. Providing smart market analysis of these data points so that users don’t drown in the numbers.
- Global expansion: 100 team players working in 40 different countries. We expect to grow to 150-200 partners by the end of the year, and are currently building an in-house management solution to fully support our global operation.
- AI-backed operation: Auto-selection process to detect meaningful contents and systematically tag attributes. Use of statistical machine learning to tap into the expansive pool of related market information and product database.
- Trusted online reputation: High traffic inflow of Multinational Corporations, Global Consulting Agencies, prestigious universities, and a million other top-tier businesses through Google search engine optimization.
- Cultural diversity: Working with smart, unique, and goal driven individuals from diverse backgrounds to quickly adapt to the fast evolving nature of the field and implement a horizontal corporate culture.
- Trade digitalization: Pioneers of the Global B2B Trade Market Digitalization


Benefits & Perks:

- Among the highest benefit & rapid promotion systems in the field.
- Team Lunch, Kitchen with Grab & Go Snacks and Coffee, Free Dinner
- Support work related conference & education
- Support annual health checkups
- Spacious and pleasant working environment (Ceiling Height 4.5m)
- Staff lounge equipped with sofa, bed, and massage chair for comfort
- Beautiful Roof Garden and Basketball Court (with Corporate Teams & Leagues!)


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