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Full-time Job

. Ingrdion / Mechanical Engineer

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Created Date 20-10-13 10:07
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    Critical Deliverables


    • Maintenance – Coordinate the day-to-day activities of maintenance workers to ensure that production equipment, machinery function reliably and safely so plants are in good working condition. Inspect completed work to check that repairs have been completed correctly and that machinery and equipment conform to specifications and safety standards. Monitor the condition of maintenance equipment, materials, parts and tools that are used by maintenance workers in their day-to-day activities. Priorities and assign tasks so that the team’s resources are used effectively and that work schedules and targets are met.


    • Project – Manage and implement projects, from start to finish, so that it is completed on time and within budget. Design, communicate and implement to complete the project. Monitor progress and performance against the project plan. Take action to resolve operational problems and minimize delays.



    • Engineering – Provide engineering studies, design and advice to production activities include equipment lay-out and material to utilize.


    • Drawing  - Use CAD and associated peripheral equipment and software or manual drafting techniques to perform scaling dimensioning, or line location. Combine details from sketches, drawings to make required calculations. Detail, redraw and trace drawings on components, assemblies, and engineering change orders. Interpret data, instructions, and specifications to prepare accurate drawings


    • Technical Service – Install, modify and repair equipment that have been purchased by customers and correct problems associated with start-up.


    • Cost Management - Develop and implement facilities and method to cost down. Make alternative and necessary action required to keep the plant operating in the most effective.


    • Safety – Monitor safety performance and identify risks or areas for improvement include conducting safety audits and on-site inspections to identify workplace hazards and unsafe equipment, working practices or working conditions. Inspect hazard facilities periodically and ensure compliance with regulations.
    • Human Resources –Develop and implement improvements in maintenance management practices. Manage Ingredion maintenance reliability staff and maintenance contractors.



    Knowledge, Skills, and Requirements:


    • Proceed to the Bachelor of mechanical Engineering
    • Ability to analyze and understand drawings include using CAD program
    • Ability to communication in English
    • Ability to MS. Office program
    • Understanding Corn products safety system
    • Understand how to use safety equipment (LOTO)
    • Knowledge of the mechanical elements
    • Knowledge of wet milling, refinery, and waste treatment process
    • Planning, organizing and time management skills. Experience in setting   priorities and executing multiple  

    assignments in a timely




    Relocation Available:

    Yes, Within Region


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