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Full-time Job

No Korean Aesop / Duty Free Operations Coordinator, Korea

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Created Date 20-07-24 18:31
Due Date 2020-08-31 | Rolling Base




TITLE: Duty Free Operations Coordinator, Korea

REPORTS TO: National Retail Manager, Korea

PREPARED BY: HR Coordinator

DATE: July 2020




To support operation of all duty free stores of Aesop by accurately forecasting sales and expenses of both, managing proper stock levels, and ordering based on forecasts through both online and offline channels. Duty Free Operations Coordinator should analyse and provide P&Ls in multiple perspective such as monitoring up-to-date sales by consultants, product items, and periods.




 -.             Management Sell-in / Sell-out Details and make reports

 -.             Management Sell-out Details

 -.             Management EOM Inventory level regarding Sell-in & Sell-out 

 -.             Monthly SKU inventory/Sales Data Input (DFS ERP) 


Product Management               

 -.             Analyse sales data by Products

 -.             DF New Product Launching Plan

 -.             HO 6 month Forecast order by SKU


Finance & Budget   

 -.             DFS Cashflow management, Payment follow-up

 -.             Plan and Manage budget (Aesop budget, Buyer budget)

 -.             Follow up international transaction


Monthly Order to Aesop HO    

 -.             Yearly/ Monthly Budget management, Plan order

 -.             PO projection & PO Submission  




Monthly Order to Operators     

-.               DFS Buyer Budget proposal

-.               DFS Order by Counter, Operators

-.               DFS Counter Order request review



 -.             Work with SCM team for management Shipwindow, HO Shipping schedule & Invoice check

 -.             Inventory Issue Follow up

-.               DFS Aged/Defective stock destruction process


Retail operation

-.               Follow-up issues related to the retail operation if needed




  • 1 to 4 years of Travel retail(Duty-Free) experiences are preferred
  • Has experience in sales analysis (monthly sales, individual KPIs)
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Above Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong experience with Microsoft Office
  • Fluent in written and verbal English


 Team Involvement and Support 

  • Assist in maintaining harmonious workplace relationships by openly and effectively communicating with other employees
  • Be an active team member by demonstrating a willingness to help and support others
  • Work in a cooperative manner with all other employees
  • Adhere to the Equal Opportunity policy of the company

 Health and Safety

  • Ensure that full care is taken in the performance of all duties in order to protect the health and safety of oneself, fellow employees, visitors and consultants
  • Adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety policy of the company


We take every opportunity to work together in an environment of mutual trust, candour, and honesty. We believe that the best and most creative ideas are arrived at and accomplished collectively, with personal and cultural differences celebrated and fostered.
We embrace all creative possibilities and challenges, particularly those that arise in times of change and evolution. We have a strong desire to learn more, aim higher, and examine more keenly, with a love of the unusual and interesting. We explore ideas and have a thirst for deeper understanding through constructive debate.
We go beyond what is expected, seeking to have a broader and longer lasting impact and producing outcomes of impeccable quality. We are unremitting in the pursuit of excellence; attention to detail and quality permeate every aspect of our working day.
We apply energy and enthusiasm to all our activities and express passion in our working life. We have the strength to bounce back from setbacks and continue in our enthusiastic pursuit of creative endeavours.
We hold fast to an unwavering moral compass predicated on honesty, effort and quality. Integrity, principles and ethics matter to us and resonate within every decision we make.

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