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Full-time Job

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Created Date 20-07-24 18:27
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- Responsible for monitoring international short video content quality to ensure community ecological security.
- Conduct quality assessment work by ensuring and evaluating the quality delivery of the content reviewed in Korean market.
- Conduct root cause analysis of moderation data, complete QA reports on a regular basis and improve quality indicators.
- Collect cases and summarize categories, unify understandings on inspection standards, handling appeals.
- Participate/organize business meetings on case analysis, problem feedback, etc.
- Develop training plans for business needs, organize training and complete standard communication.
- Work closely with local Operations and Safety teams, participate in the development of quality inspection standards and continuously optimize the process and system platform.
- Flexible on work arrangements, cooperate with work delivered by other related departments.

- Bachelor’s degree or above
- Good language and communication skills in Korean at a native level.
- Working proficiency in English.
- 1+ years of experience in content moderation or similar.
- With the abilities of summarizing and analysis, familiar with office software such as Excel, Word, etc.
- Commitment, work carefully, learn actively, strong sense of responsibility, creativity and coordination ability.
- Can work in shifts.
- Native Korean speaker as a plus.

*It is highly recommended to attach your cover letter.

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